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Halloween~ Folklore and Embellishment

Photo by Yulia Cosmos.

~Sales Team member Maia Bissette is at it again, this time her sights focused on making the most of fall’s famed holiday~

All Hallows Eve, more commonly known as Halloween, is creeping up on us.  There are many fun ways to celebrate Halloween, and for those who are
looking to express their appreciation for the supernatural ~ decoration
can be a real joy!   Take a look at our Seasonal Halloween page featured on Luna Bazaar.

As a child trick-or-treating in Vermont, one of my favorite experiences
was visiting the eccentric young man living in the Farm Estate down the
road from where I grew up.  He had a very old-time approach to sharing
the Holiday.  Dressed in a tuxedo with white gloves, he would invite
children and parents alike into his dining hall where an amazing
home-made spread of candied apples, caramel popcorn, beverages and baked
goods were laid out over a grand table under an antique chandelier.  
We were welcomed by the warm glow of tapered candles presented in elegant candlesticks, and the seasonal decor was subtle, tasteful and lovely; with a focus on the harvest.

Skull Lantern String Lights

If you are interested in creating such hospitality yourself, we have a wonderful selection of vases and candle holders for accenting your mantles, tables and windowsills with tea lights, tapered and and pillar candles.

Vases with twigs adorned by faux cobwebs makes a fun centerpiece, and
baby pumpkins and gourds look great with old photographs and matching flowers.

Orange luminaries lining your front path would be a sure way to guide friends and neighbors to your door.

Nylon Spooky Spiders Lantern String Lights

Bats & Cats Lantern String Lights
Skeleton Lantern String Lights
Jack O’ Lantern String Lights

Consider the application of our spooky new Halloween String Lights (pictured).  They would look boo-tiful strung along the crest of a mantle or hanging in an archway.  These designs are a unique new product worth a second look.

If you live in a neighborhood and are looking to lure in some adorable trick-or-treaters; fall colors of honeycomb decorations & paper lanterns accompanied by Halloween string lights would appear rather enticing strung above maniacally grinning pumpkins 😉

Fantastic porch Decor by Suzanne of Our Southern Nest.

If your abode is located off the beaten path, you might be interested in inviting friends and relatives for a costume party or haunted house.  Perhaps just a small, simple gathering~ just a little something to ensure that you can decorate and celebrate as well!

 For those of you looking to add a little DIY to your decorating, Luna Bazaar‘s inventory offers an excellent selection of goods for fabulous projects.

I have scoured the internet looking for examples of our inventory in action, and to my pleasant surprise came across some creations that will be sure to make the most of your Hallows Eve!

 Take a look at these great Paper Lantern projects from Martha Stewart and Country Living:

Take a peek at these playful pumpkin paper lanterns via
 Martha Stewart Living.

It’s not too late to make an impression on all those ghosts and ghouls
expected to make an appearance come Halloween~ whether they be of this
earth or from some other realm! 

if you’re planning on keeping your holiday intimate, Luna Bazaar has the
inventory to spice up your evening while you curl up in costume and watch horror movies after dark.  If you get scared you can light up your lanterns with some LED lights to keep a creepy ambiance and a watchful eye on the lookout for spooks and spirits who may be hovering close by.

Crafty crow lanterns via Country Living.  Photo by Jack Kernic.
~The History of All Hallows Eve~ A Brief Overview:
As with many modern Western holidays, Christian influence reinvented the
calendar of ancient customs.  All Saints Day once marked the most
significant festival of the Celtic Year, known as Samhain (pronounced
Sah-ween), which was celebrated on the date corresponding with November 1st.




For the Celtic people the profound significance of the annual event
recognized the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter.  During
this time of closure and transition the Celts believed that the ghosts of those
who had died would intermingle with the living as their journey to the
after-world commenced; aided by presence of otherworldly spirits such as Faerie
and other Supernatural Deities.

Despite efforts to abolish the traditions and perceptions of the ancient
Celtic New Years celebration; the beliefs and rituals live on in the traditions of Halloween
(formerly known as All Hallows Eve), which falls on the night before All Saints

~Post content compiled and written by Maia Bissette~

Rustic Themes with Vintage Inspiration

~Sales Team member Maia Bissette investigates ways to make the most of your Rustic Themed Event by incorporating Vintage Inspired elements that Luna Bazaar has to offer~




Paper Lanterns create a romantic vintage atmosphere, especially in barns and back yard settings!  As seen here during an intimate Barnyard Wedding in Tulsa featured on Ruffled.  Photo by Geneoh Photography
Photo by  Aida Krgin via Bridal Tweet.

Planning a rustic wedding (or other occasion) is a joyful challenge worth
exploring.  The timeless aesthetic allows
for the unification and playful dynamic of a wide variety of colors and
textures.  Stunning heirloom treasures
can coexist with vintage inspired glassware and neutral burlap linens.  Domestic details instill a sense of nostalgia
and the beauty of a location’s history has room to shine.  For the guests the theme creates a sense of
comfort where many feel at home.

Here we see our lovely Paper Paddle Fans presented with their guest book during Jessica & Alex’s Homestead Vintage Style Wedding and featured on Rustic Wedding Chic.  Photos by Freshly Wed.

Luna Bazaar offers an extensive variety of decorations
that pair well in rustic styled weddings and events. 
From paper lanterns, parasols and hand fans to vintage inspired glassware and ornaments, we have what you need to fill in and compliment the treasures you are building your theme around.  Whether you are planning a grand event or an intimate get together, little accents like vases and hand fans create fun and interesting atmospheres to share with your friends and family.

Shabby Chic tablescapes work for many celebrations, like this Southern Christmas featured on The Decorista.
The Turquoise Square Antique Medicine Bottle may be hard to find, but here on Luna Bazaar you can
find affordable alternatives.

This gorgeous rustic seaside wedding uses Mercury Glass Votives and Vintage Bottles for floral presentation and decor (see below for detail).  Featured on LuxeFinds. Photo by John Schnack Photography.
Photo by John Schnack Photography

Rustic locations encourage the mind to explore the history of an area.  Designers can expand on the natural beauty of a setting by incorporating vintage inspired glassware with flora, furniture, fabrics and paper decorations


The most interesting aspect of working within such a vague and whimsical idea is that it allows the details of an event to evolve organically, and really speak to the unique aspects of the people and place being celebrated.  No matter where you are planning on holding your event, the tradition and culture of the area can be captured and magnified with decorations and props.  

The variety of objects one can use to best describe the personality of an event can sometimes feel overwhelming.  A good way to approach your decor is to choose the main elements of the event that are a must, then build around them.  What is so great about the rustic, shabby-chic vintage approach is that there are so many fun factors to work with in order to communicate what personally moves you.

Americana intermixed with Asian influence is elegant, fun and ever-so vintage inspired.  Items like our bamboo Paper Parasols look lovely in photographs and also protect you and your guests from UV rays while providing a fun and affordable gift to remember you by!  As seen here in this lovely photo by Jessica Kettle via Trend Setting Wedding.

These sweet little flower girls are enjoying their Paper Parasols during this laid back Rustic Wedding in California.  Photo by Michelle Pattee via Snippet & Ink.
Photo by Maia Bissette

Whether you’re down on the farm, on the family estate, overlooking the ocean or in your own back yard, our inventory offers a wide selection of elegant solutions and design inspiration to guide you through developing your dream party.  With our affordable accents you can focus on your DIY projects and capture the vintage inspired rustic theme you are going for.

The more you explore Luna Bazaar’s site, the more you realize each line of product has been carefully expanded to exemplify modern trends while still honoring the timeless beauty of vintage classics.
For each favored shape you will find a variety of colors to choose from, and there is plenty of room and inventory to mix and match in order to accommodate your unique vision.  Our talented team of Sales Representatives are here to help guide you through and aid in color matches, product measurements and shipping options.

If you’re looking to lavish your rustic event with vintage inspired affordable decor, look no further!  Luna Bazaar is here to help you romanticize any location with precious nostalgia and domestic glamor.

Photo by Maia Bissette

Day of the Dead – Meaning and Decor




Altar created by Leah Shelleda
Our Mexican banner design is inspired by the traditional cloth one.
What a surprise it was when we saw our Mexican “Sacred Heart” banner in Brides magazine! (Oct. 2012 issue.) Their theme was “Fiesta Mexicana”.

Luna Bazaar’s Red Mexican “Sacred Heart” banner in Brides Magazine
(PDF of article available here.)

You can download the original page, an inspiration board titled, “Planning a Party with a Yucatan Flair? Think Maracas, Tequila, and Day of the Dead Treats.” You can get some useful party ideas, but what if you want to dig deeper? What is this ancient holiday all about? We asked Maia, of our sales team, to investigate! Decorations are a big part of the holiday. But the symbolism of the decorations is what makes them interesting. These are Maia’s findings:

The Day of the Dead is soon going to be the setting for a new Pixar movie.
No doubt, key design elements of the film will be skeletons, banners, votives, and marigolds.
Each year there are cultural celebrations
throughout the world focused on honoring the memory of deceased family members,
friends and ancestors.  When the
Spaniards arrived in the New World at the end of the15th Century, the Roman Catholic All Souls Day merged
with the ancient traditions of Central and South American civilizations, to
develop the holiday we know today as Dia
de Los Muertos
; or Day of the

It is believed by the Central and South American
people who celebrate this day that death is a time of transition when the
Soul moves from this life to the next. On the days between October 28th
and November 2nd communication can be established between worlds to reflect
on the meaning of life and the passage of death.  Large festivals are held in which shrines are
built in honor of loved ones and the favored foods of the departed are cooked
and shared throughout the celebration.
Elaborate decorations are used to enliven the
mood; flowers, sugar skulls, banners, garlands. All varieties of personal
objects are used
in memory of the dead, to express the joys of life.  
The Mexican cempasĂșchitl
(marigold) is the traditional flower used to honor the dead.  These flowers are utilized and mimicked by
similarly formed paper and fabric decorations, such as pompoms.
Marigold Harvest for Day of the Dead in Mexico 

It’s easy to see why tissue paper pom-poms are used to represent marigolds in Day of the Dead celebrations.
(Flower photo from The Lovely Plants.)
In the Luna Bazaar store see: .Mango tissue paper pom-poms and Yellow tissue paper pom-poms.
For those of you looking to join in on the
festivities, you can find decorations at Luna Bazaar to help you make the most of your experience. 

Panels from our paper Mexican Party Banner. Each panel is over a foot wide!

  Our beautifully handcrafted Mexican Banners offer vibrant colors with a traditional
aesthetic. Each banner is 13 feet long, and is actually made in Mexico, unlike many others. 
The paper is hand-cut by artisans using chisels and a top pattern as a guide.

the tissue paper was originally brought to Europe from China and then
to New Spain, the indigenous people of Mexico had already been using
handmade paper, along with the tradition of cut decorative and
ceremonial images for centuries. Today, this traditional paper art is
used as decorations for all occasions and gives an immediately festive
look to any celebration.

Votives for your celebration. Go to Luna Bazaar’s Candle Holder selection.

We also carry a large variety
of lovely vases to best incorporate the presence of flowers into your
celebration, as well as complimentary candle holders for twinkling tea lights.

In Mexico, where ancient pre-Hispanic traditions
mixed with European religious ritual, Altars are built to incorporate offerings
in dedication to the deceased. 
Traditionally the four main elements of nature are represented in the
Altar.  Earth is assimilated by the
presence of the crop, for it is believed by the Mexican people that Souls are
nourished by the aroma of food.  Tissue
paper is most often used to represent wind, because of the movement that it
produces.  Water is placed as an offering,
often in a decorative container, to quench the thirst of Souls who have
traveled far to reach the Altar. 
Candles are lit to portray each Soul that the Altars are meant for.  An extra candle is lit to commemorate the
Soul that has been lost.

Consider our gift bags to wrap small offerings and
gifts, or perhaps our beautiful ceramic dishes for food.  No matter how far you want to take the
celebration, there is room for creativity and originality in your own perspectives
on ritual and festivity.  As with any
holiday, you may make it your own interpretation to enhance on those traditions
with respect and enthusiasm.