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Graduation 2014! | Party Ideas, Decorations & Party Supplies

Spring is the season of new beginnings, and few beginnings are more monumental than a graduation or a wedding.  For a wedding we celebrate the start of two families coming together in a union of love.  For graduations, we congratulate our grads in their newest chapter, blazing the trails of their future goals.  The tides have changed and it’s finally time to apply their knowledge and make decisions on their own.

For students who have worked towards their certificates, diplomas and degrees, graduation is a time of relief {with maybe just a touch of fear}, so really, it’s the perfect time to let loose with their loved ones and blow off some steam.

So, if you are planning a party for the Grads in your world, we’ve got some fine ideas for decorations, themes & refreshments to make your Graduation Party a celebration to remember.

The Memory Jar ~ Our selection of Apothecary Jars are perfectly suited to achieve this fun party piece.  Simply set up the Jar by tying a custom tag that reads: “Memories” with the colored Baker’s Twine of your choice.  Place the Jar on a table with some colored markers, a stack of paper that, when rolled, will fit in the Jar, and a pile of Baker’s Twine lengths, cut for guests to tie their rolled memories in a diploma fashion to drop into the Apothecary Jar.

Scholarly Glass Owl Place Card Holders ~ These fun little fellows are available in a variety of colors, including Gold, Silver, Clear, Marble White, Pink, Orange, Amber, Chartreuse, Turquoise and Purple.  Use them to display photos of your Grad & their classmates next to the Memory Jar to inspire your guests as they compose their memories!

Paper Decorations & Party Favors ~ Our wonderful selection of Paper Lanterns, Tissue Paper Pom Poms, and Rice Paper Honeycomb Decor can be mixed and matched to embellish your party without breaking the bank.  We like the classic combo of Black, White & Gold for a refined, sophisticated look; or better yet, decorate by combining your Grad’s School Colors in a fashionable flair.  For some additional delightful details, browse our Favor Bags to stuff with candy, money or words of wisdom!

Shop By Color ~ Looking for that perfect combination to best express your Grad’s School Colors?  Visit our Shop By Color hub to shop our extensive selection of colorful decorations to custom design your Graduation Party.

Compostable Eco-Friendly Party Supplies ~ We offer a stylish collection of convenient, eco-friendly compostable eating utensils, paper straws & dish-ware that is sure to impress, making clean up a breeze as you reduce your eco-footprint.  Shop our selection of compostable Wooden Picnic-Ware and then match our biodegradable, retro-style striped Paper Straws {Made in USA!} to your accent your party palette.

Whether they’re closing an era of High School, College or an Online Education, every Grad deserves a look back on their achievements with a toast to turning the page!

Remember, we would love to see photos of your Graduation Parties!  Be sure to #LunaBazaarDecor when you post your pics!

With Love,
~The Luna Bazaar Team

Visit Her Campus for an in depth look at How To Plan A High School Graduation Party, and if you’re dreaming of themes, check out Celebration’s Graduation Party Ideas 2014!

Memorial Day Party: Kick Start Summer!

I could not be more excited to see Memorial Day on the horizon. Being only a few weeks away I’m gearing up for my families annual Memorial day party where we open our summer cottage to celebrate the start of sunny weather and honor those that have served our country.

Memorial day is so much more than the time we spend with those we love, or the sum of that enticing weekend Sale.  Spawned from the desire to dignify unknown soldiers in unmarked graves at the end of the American Civil War, the true purpose of this holiday is to honor our fallen soldiers, and the best way to honor them is to remember their courage and sacrifice in a way that feels right for you.  It is also a time for families to come together to acknowledge and honor their fallen kin as they appreciate the company of one another.

Paper Bag Luminaries are a wonderful way to honor fallen soldiers on Memorial Day.

In honor of our fallen soldiers and my Grandfather, I have donated a bouquet of flowers to be placed at a the Korean War Memorial. You can also donate one here and choose the Memorial site of you would like your flowers to go to. In keeping with Memorial Day traditions, I’ve decided to light several luminaries to keep the purpose of the holiday in mind.

We’ve also created a Free American Flag Printable for you to download and DIY your own American Flag Straws!  Both can be recycled for 4th of July party decorations as well!

Step 1: Purchase Navy and Poppy USA Made Straws from Luna Bazaar, then Download and Print our Free American Flag Printable sheet.  Step 2: Carefully cut out flags from sheet.  Step 3: Apply glue to the back of each flag and carefully wrap around straws, leaving room for folks to sip!  Line up the edges of the flags before pressing flat.  Step 4: Allow time to dry and place straws in a decorative vessel for your guests to grab, nearby refreshments.  We put ours in this pretty Vintage Milk Glass Vase (ruffle top design) and placed it upon a Cotton Lace Doily.

Nothing says patriotic like red white and blue, so my Memorial Day decorations are going to be based around good ole’ American spirit. Celebrating the memory of our fallen soldiers on this day doesn’t mean your BBQ can’t be blast!  I’m opting for some red, white and blue bandana rice paper lanterns, red paper stars, white paper stars, blue paper stars, red, white and blue honeycomb paper decorations mixed with red and white pom poms,  Eco-friendly dining ware, luminaries, hanging candleholders, milk glass and lots of American flags! And did someone say KARAOKE?

Decorations from Left to Right: Cobalt Blue 14 Inch Honeycomb Paper FlowerRed and White 24 Inch Paper Star LanternWhite 30 Inch Tissue Paper Pom-PomNavy Blue Block Printed Square Paper Lantern.

As for Beverages I will be serving some old fashioned Ice tea with fresh pressed lemon. And we will have an assortment of margaritas, and berry white wine sangria. Check out our Memorial Day Recipes below!

I decided to add a delicious twist on the good ole American burger by making the beef patties out of organic grass fed ground beef with diced sweet onions.

Memorial Day Burger Recipe:

Sweet Onion Burger Recipe: 3 lbs of lean grass fed beef, 3 large sweet onions, chopped, and salt and pepper to taste. In a large bowl mix together beef, onions, salt & pepper and then form into patties. Cook as desired. (I usually cook on high heat for about five minutes on each side, and then melt some Vermont cheddar cheese the last two minutes) 1lb beef: 1 large onion makes about 4 burgers. Feel free to also add some bacon! ….yes, please!

Memorial Day White Berry Sangria Recipe: VIA The Lovely Bits

-1/2 a cup of washed strawberries
-1/2 a cup of washed blueberries
-1/2 a cup of diced pineapples
-1/2 a cup of sugar
-1 bottle of crisp white wine
-1 liter of club soda

Outdoor Tips:

-Sage is a natural fly repellent so grab dried sage at your local market and throw it on your campfire!
-Wet wipes can be a life saver—keep some close by!
-Hide a few unscented dryer sheets under your table runner. They can help keep bees away from food.
-Stock up on making ice a few days before!
-Prepare for the chance that it may rain but making sure you have several games handy! (Karaoke)

Edited by Maia Bissette

Pom Poms and Papel Picado: Mexican Fiesta Ideas for Any Celebration

The vibrant culture of Mexico inspires colorful celebrations, beautifully crafted Mexican folk art, complex, fresh flavors and vivacious floral arrangements.

For those of you ironing out the details of your Cinco de Mayo party ideas, this post features cocktail recipes, flower suggestions and styling tips for fiesta decorations.  Beyond Cinco de Mayo, we love the idea of a throwing a Mexican themed party all Spring and Summer long.  For Birthdays, Engagement Parties, Graduations, Anniversaries, Weddings or Full Moons; there are so many great reasons to kick back and have fun with the bold, brilliant culture of a Mexican Fiesta!

Luna Bazaar Decor, left to right, top to bottom: Papel Picado Party Banners, Tissue Paper Pom Poms, Punched Tin Shadow Lanterns, Papel Picado Mexican Amor FlagsTurquoise Blue Recycled Glass Vase (pear design), Mini Gold Mercury Glass Ornament (flower heart design), Clear Hanging Mason Jar (wide line design), Small Turquoise Blue Vintage Glass Bottle (cone design)Clear Hanging Mason Jar (flat-edge design)

Our tablescape was styled drawing inspiration from this Technicolor Cinco de Mayo Wedding featured on Ruffled, combined with our lively selection of Mexican Party Decorations.
My favorite part of the process?  Arranging the flowers!  I hand picked these bouquets from the local florist shops: hot pink and orange gerbera daisies, fuchsia and navy anemones, sorbet and rose quartz ranunculus, peach and yellow pincushion protea, a sunflower and a few stems of viking poms.

After all the excitement, I’m raring to throw my own party!  So this poses the question: Margaritas or Mojitos?  The obvious answer… BOTH!

We followed these Pomegranate Margarita and Mojitos Recipes from the pros at The FoodNetwork:

Pomegranate Margarita ~
Lime wedge, plus more for garnish
4 ounces white tequila
2 ounces Triple Sec
1/2 cup pomegranate juice
1 lime, juiced (optional)
Club soda

Pour salt onto a plate or shallow dish. With a lime wedge rub along the rim of a glass and dip glasses upside down to salt the rim. Fill glasses with ice. In a cocktail shaker with ice place the tequila, triple sec, pomegranate juice, and lime juice. Pour into the salt-rimmed glasses and top off with club soda. Garnish with a lime wedge, if desired.

Mojitos Pitcher ~
1 bunch fresh mint, cleaned
1 cup sugar
4 lemons, juiced
4 limes, juiced
Ice cubes
1 (750 ml bottle) light rum
1 liter club soda

In a large pitcher, muddle mint sprigs with sugar and lemon and lime juices until well combined. Add ice, rum and club soda and stir together. Pour into glasses, straining out mint. Enjoy!

Remember, we would love to see photos of your Mexican Fiesta’s, always!  Be sure to #LunaBazaarDecor when you post your pics!

With love from the Luna Bazaar Team!

For more fiesta party ideas & tasty recipes, Martha Stewart knows what’s up!

Styling & Photography by Maia Bissette