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Embracing Winter~ Decoration and Styling for the Solstice to the Equinox

Crystal Branches Vase Decoration

Winter challenges us.  We are tested by the cold, by the sun setting in the late afternoon, by the yearning and boredom that manifests in an idle mind.

Yet we can overcome such dull-drums and turn our woes into wonder by taking cues from the cultural methodologies that make the most of the winter season.

We can make winter whimsical with decorative accents like Pizelle Paper Lanterns, Glass Icicles, bold colored Ikat Pillow Covers and Crystal Ornaments.

Photo by Carina Olander via Lantliv

Image from BO Design & Photo

For those living near the Arctic Circle, winter dominates the year.  It is in these remote, harsh regions that communities and individuals have developed ways to greet the challenges of winter with a sense of enjoyment.
The positive influences of exercise, connecting to nature, eating well and beautifying the home are all elements of “the good life”, or as they say in Scandinavia; “det goda livet”.

When redecorating on the outskirts of winter holidays, there are three common approaches to choose from:

~Introducing Contrasting Warmth
 This approach utilizes deep, rich colors and soft lighting to create a cozy retreat from the outdoors.
 By using saturated colors such as forest green, eggplant, vibrant browns and dark reds intermingled with accents of gold, copper or bronze a space can feel both homey and sophisticated.  This look can be achieved with soft woven fabrics, patchwork quilts, faux fur and gold, orange and red Candle Holders & Vases combined with low light Paper Lanterns.

~Working with the Seasonal Palette
 This method integrates the cool, soft shades of winter’s landscape with bright, natural sunlight.  By using calm, light and bright blues against sparkling and solid whites we can begin to invite the serene beauty of the winter landscape into our home decor.  Complete the look with the introduction of pale heather grey and accents of metallic silver, pewter, chrome; muted pine and earthy brown tones.  These colors are presented throughout Luna Bazaar‘s unique decorative inventory; with products like our Silver Mercury Glass Candle Holders, Ice Blue Glass Vases and Feather Grey Paper Lanterns.

Glass Icicle Landscaping photo by Deborah Silver.
Image from Elle Decoration, UK, August 2009.

~Scandinavian & Nordic Themed Inspirations
This approach focuses on the elegance of functionality combined with the integration of nature.  Natural and distressed wood finishes with cotton, linen, light curtains and leggy furniture are the base to which we can unify our own personalities into this lovely approach to interior decor.  Integrate comfort with bold patterns of rich, deep colors on blankets, pillows and rugs and transform your living space into an intellectual winter paradise.  Luna Bazaar can help to achieve your unique interpretation with our Ikat and Block Print Pillow Covers and gorgeous Hanging Candle Lanterns

With Luna Bazaar you can make the most of the winter season.  Our quality products
will beautify your home with elegance, warmth and the winter stylings you’ve been searching for.

Oscars Party 2013 ~ Fine Entertaining for a Glamorous Evening

Photo Collage featuring decoration ideas for The Oscars viewing parties.  From left to right: Gold Disco Paper Star Lantern, Gold Mercury Glass Vase (cone top design), Black and White Paper Star Lantern

Photo by Brea McDonald, Styling by Beautiful Days Events.

As you’ve probably noticed our facebook page has been abuzz with ideas for enjoying The Oscars.  Sunday night is fast approaching and we’ve been compiling trends and ideas from some of our favorite blogs and sites to share in the Hollywood magic.

Pictured right we see our Gold Foil Decorations featured in a lovely shoot we found on The Sweetest Occasion.  These glimmering decorations are a fun and affordable way to glamorize your home.  

While searching for inspiration online I discovered this fantastic blog post on Hostess with the Mostess offering Free Oscars Party Printables with 2013 Nominees.
We absolutely love the classic look of this party styled by Jennifer Sbranti.

Table Decor styled and Photographed by Jennifer Sbranti from Hostess with the Mostess.  You can find these Gold Mercury Glass Candle Holders (liquid motif) on our website, with Matching Vases.
Photo By: Alexandra Grablewski

As far as entertainment, the internet is ripe with ideas.  Some of our favorite content included these wonderful recipe ideas via epicurious (check out Kim Haasarud’s creative champagne cocktails); as well as these fantastic free printables, party ideas and fun recipes via Sweet Designs, A Blog by Amy Atlas.

We’ve created this Get The Look Oscars 2013 inspiration
page to highlight the products that will make The Oscars evening
glamorous for you and your guests.  With a color scheme of gold, black,
white and ochre, this look will compliment even the most lavish of
Oscars attire.  Add some flare to your affair~ decorate & celebrate
with Luna Bazaar!

Photo by Amy Atlas

~The Look of Love ~

Valentine’s Day Decorations from Luna Bazaar

Valentines Day is approaching.  For many the prospects of  fabulous food, bouquets, and darling decorations are the inspirational avenues that drive the desire to creatively express one’s love.

Whether your goal is to spoil your partner, communicate with your crush or dote on friends and family; this February celebration warms winter blues with the vibrant colors of love.

We invite you to share with us your Valentine’s inspirations, dreams and memories on our Facebook page.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Luna Bazaar offers products that can accentuate your affections with sweet intentions.  Consider this lovely Terracotta Clay Garden Lantern (heart design).  A thoughtful gift to accompany the letters, flowers and delicious desserts you have planned can leave a lasting impression on that special someone.

The bravest lovebirds take the romance a step further by planning the details of their proposal… and for many the 14th marks the day to take the plunge (!)  After scouring The Knot for proposal advice, there are a few pointers I found that are worth repeating:

~Remember that the proposal should be careful and attentive to the personality of the one being proposed to.  For someone who is shy, be sure to ask for their hand in an intimate setting.  Be unique and deliberate in your planning to show your future FiancĂ© that you are serious about sharing the next phase of your lives together.

A whimsical Winter Engagement Session accessorized with a White Cotton Lace Parasol.  Photograph by Craig Photography.
Photo by Alice G. Patterson

Once the engagement is official, what better way to celebrate the anthem of your love than with a photo shoot declaring your devotion?  With styles and accessories ranging from vintage classic to cultural modern, we can help you design the perfect romantic setting for your engagement photos.

Let us not overlook the amorousness of candlelight!  Pictured left we see our gorgeous hand-blown, hand- cut Perfume Bottles styled by blogger Cyd Converse of The Sweetest Occasion.  These versatile and lovely pieces look amazing paired with all variety of tea light candle holders; and make the most of any mantle or dashing dinner centerpiece.

Once again, we welcome you to share with us your Valentine’s experiences and decoration ideas on our Facebook Page.  Warm up this winter wonderland with the Look of Love~

Happy Valentine’s!