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Paper Lantern Centerpiece

Today we have a guest blogger, paper lover, Jaclyn Frohn, of Impressed Inc. She creates made-to-order paper goods, big or small, crafty or chic, with personalization that showcases quality and individuality. In her view, “no two impressions should ever be the same”.  Click HERE to see her intriguing collection of paper images on pinterest.

We get questions about using paper lanterns as centerpieces all the time. My attempt at making one was pretty unwieldy. When I spotted the paper lantern centerpiece she created for Caitlyn’s 1st Butterfly birthday I knew I had to get her to explain how she made it on our blog!

Paper Lantern Centerpiece for Caitlyn’s 1’st Butterfly Birthday by Jaclyn Frohn.
All photography by Amy Bolger.

Making the Butterfly Lantern & Table Number Centerpiece

by Jaclyn Frohn

First I picked up numbered spice jars at the Christmas Tree shop.  These were a great find as they would serve as the base of each centerpiece and read as the table number too.

Numbered Spice Jar, Christmas Tree Shop

The tops of the porcelain cups were cork so I drilled a hole in the middle of each one.  I purchased wooden dowels and die cut flower cork stickers at Michaels.

On left: Die cut cork flower.

 I drilled a hole in the middle the flower for the
dowel and placed the flower sticky side up underneath the lantern
serving as a base. Using hot glue I secured the dowel through the
lantern into the porcelain cup.  To hold up the lantern I used wire
threaded in a triangle and attached it to dowel. I then glued moss
around the base of the cork and along the dowel to cover the wood.

Sticky side of cork flower pressed against base of lantern.
Luna Bazaar premium pink paper lantern

Pretty Papers were purchased along with a butterfly punch at Paper Presentation and after cutting were applied to the lantern with glue dots.

Butterflies applied to paper lantern with glue dots. So delicate!

The end result, a great alternative to flowers and perfect for a spring/summer soiree.

Thanks, Jaclyn!

At Luna Bazaar we’re obsessed with color. If you’d like to shop this season’s must-have paper lantern colors come visit us!
Dorothy and the team at Luna Bazaar.

Honeycomb Paper Decorations – Not Just for Kids!

Preston Davis paper daisy photo booth.

Before I started working at Luna Bazaar, I  hadn’t seen a paper daisy since grade school. (I’m not going to say how long ago that was.) Now I seem to be seeing them everywhere. Before I say any more, let me explain paper daisies and honeycomb decorations!

Paper daisies are the decorations you see in the picture above. They are one type of honeycomb decoration. You can see more of the honeycomb structure of the daisy when you open it up.

Opening a honeycomb paper daisy.

The Sunburst is another example of a honeycomb decoration that opens like a fan.

Partially unfolded Sunburst honeycomb tissue decoration.

Sunburst decorations make a bolder statement, and are more attention-getting than paper daisies. The intricate pattern is created by strategically placed cuts in the tissue paper. In white, the sunburst looks very much like a snowflake. This type of decoration is very effective in the holiday setting below.

from Unidentifiable Lifestyle on Pinterest.

Another member that belongs in the snowflake family is the Pizelle paper lantern. These decorations have a honeycomb structure, but they are constructed of much sturdier paper than the tissue paper honeycombs. Some of our designs can be lit from within with a light bulb.

Snowflake-shaped Pizelle Paper Lanterns from Luna Bazaar.

When you purchase one of our honeycomb decorations, this is how they look:

Unopened honeycomb decorations.
From left to right: Sunburst, Daisy, Globe.

Here is the Honeycomb Globe as it is being opened up.

Turquoise honeycomb globe decoration from Luna Bazaar.

These decorations are shipped with white paper clips for holding the edges together. Choose 3 places along the cardboard edges to place the paper clips as seen below.

Paper clips hold the edges of this yellow honeycomb paper daisy together.

 A beautiful example of daisy decor was featured on HGTV Design Happens:

Time to feel like a kid again! Happy decorating.