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DIY Halloween Garland | Paper Lantern Jack O’ Lanterns & Tissue Paper Pom Pom Spiders!

Halloween is my all-time favorite Holiday for several reasons:

First, what is more amazing than getting to dressed up to be ANYTHING you want?  To dream up a character, create a costume, and then strut your stuff… in public no less!

Second: The parties! I LOVE Halloween costume parties… the themed food, the games, the Halloween crafts, not to mention the eclectic mixture of guests, their jovial banter filling Halloween with spooktacular joy.
Third: The memories… as a kid my parents would ask us: “what would you like to be this year?”.  In the weeks following we’d make DIY Halloween costumes & crafty Halloween decorations; from spooky socks to porch lights, by All Hollow’s Eve our house was decked to the nines with witch hats, decorative pumpkins, spider webs and more!
This year I finally have a home I can call my own, and I’ve been so excited to fill it with cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns and swooping bat decor.  Alas, when I started to plan for Halloween I quickly realized that it would take more time and money than I had in my “whimsy” budget to make my home as festive as the one I grew up in.
Determined, I jumped onto the internet for affordable inspirations, & after Pinning ’til I couldn’t blink, I combined some of my favorite Halloween craft ideas and came up with this wonderful Halloween garland project using affordable decor from Luna Bazaar.

I chose to make my jack-o-lanterns with three variations from Luna Bazaar’s orange Premium Paper Lanterns: Tangerine, Cayenne, and Mango.  To make the garland even more unique, I tweaked a Martha Stewart idea to better suit my design, and made a couple of Fluffy Pom Pom Spiders to alternate the jack-o-lanterns.  Come Halloween these little guys are going to greet my guests in the main entrance to my house, but for now they are peering down on my co-workers as they arrive every morning… because I wouldn’t want them to miss out on my insatiable Halloween spirit!

DIY Paper Lantern Jack-O-Lanterns

What you will need:

1.)Pair of sharp crafting scissors
2.)Double-sided tape
3.)Thin gauge copper wire- you could also use pipe cleaners, floral wire, or any other wire.
4.)3 orange premium paper lanterns from Luna Bazaar.  I chose one of each of the the following:
One 10” Mango Paper Lantern, available in Parallel or Freestyle ribbing
One 10” Cayenne Orange Paper Lantern, available in Parallel or Freestyle ribbing
One 10” Tangerine Orange Paper Lantern, available in Parallel or Freestyle ribbing
Note: if you are on a tight budget, you could use the light or dark orange “No Frills” Paper Lanterns to save a little extra.
Now that we have all of the DIY Halloween crafting supplies in order, lets turn up the Halloween playlist and get crafty!
Start by opening all of the paper lanterns.  This way you will know exactly how much surface area you have to create the pumpkin face.  If this is your first time working with paper lanterns feel free to check out our How To Hang Paper Lanterns Guide.

I chose to give each Jack-o-lantern a different face, but if you prefer a more unified look, you can cut out the same features for each lantern.

To make the eyes the same, draw one eye onto the crepe paper with a light colored pencil and fold the crepe paper in half, then cut out the eye from the two layers ~ Voila!

Once all of the features are cut out, get out your double sided tape. Start by applying the tape to the crepe paper and give it a light press to be sure that it’s firmly attached.

Start the Jack-o-lantern face by applying the mouth to the lantern. This way you can gauge how far apart to put the other features.

Now that they have their faces let’s give them a little detail to really bring them to life!

I used some of Luna Bazaar’s GORGEOUS Ombre Green Italian Premium Crepe Paper to give them a little leaf and vine curl.

Cut one and half inch wide strips of the crepe paper (one for each lantern), then gently compress the strips so that they are not as wide.  Thread the crepe paper through one of the top loops on the lantern with about five inches of crepe paper on each side.  Use one side to create the leaf and the rest of the length to create the vine.
With a pen or a pencil start at the free end of the vine side of crepe paper, and wrap tightly around the pen/pencil until it is wrapped all the way to the lantern. Slide the pen out of the crepe paper, and gently pull the crepe paper spiral you have made- this will give it the curly vine look!

Now for the leaf side!- spread the crepe paper out to its widest , and trim the free end in a “leaf point”.

DIY Tissue Paper Pom Pom Spiders

These creepy crawlies are so simple to make, it’s scary!  Here is the list of materials you will need to build your very own furry legged friends!:

1.) 10″ Black Tissue Paper Pom Pom Flowers – or one Tissue paper Pom Pom for each spider you are making.  I chose to make them 10”, but you could go larger or smaller if you want!
2.) One Black Tie Italian Crepe Paper Roll – Luna Bazaar’s newest addition: heavy weight premium crepe paper available in an extensive palette of luxuriously rich colors!
3.) Thin gauge copper wire
4.) Double sided tape
5.) Sharp scissors
6.) Wire cutters
7.) Your crafting play list on Pandora!

Once you have fluffed your tissue paper pom poms, set them aside, I prefer to prep all of the steps first, and then start to assemble.
Start by measuring how long you would like the spider’s legs to be- the spider in this shoot had 18” long legs.

Then double over the length of the wire and measure out 4 pieces. This is the spider’s skeleton, so you want the sections to be twice as long as each leg so you can fold the 4 sections in half, and end up with 8 legs! –you will need the bend in the legs later for attaching them to the Pom Pom body.
Now that you have the wire cut, it’s time to measure the black crepe paper out for each leg. I measured the crepe paper into 5” wide by 18” tall strips- once again you want these to be twice as wide as the width of each spider leg, as you will be folding the crepe paper in half to attach it to the wire.

{Crafters Hint: Pre-fold!!! EVERYTHING}  The crepe paper needs to be folded in half the long way to help with placement for the wire, and double sided tape application.

The wire will need to be folded in half to help you identify the crepe paper placement. be sure to leave a small amount of space near the bend to use when attaching the legs to the Pom Pom.
First lay a section of crepe paper down, then measure out your double sided tape to fit the full length of the crepe paper. Once you have the tape down, place the copper wire on the tape and then carefully fold the crepe paper in half to conceal the wire {and tape}!  Now, repeat this sequence seven more times!!!

With all of the legs made it’s time to attach them to the Pom Pom!  Where the exposed wire is bent, twist the bends with your thumb and index finger to make loops between each pair of legs.
Now string all of the loops onto a small piece of wire that you will use to attach the legs to the Pom Pom.  Divide the legs into two groups of four, on either side of the small piece of wire. Then carefully separate the layers of tissue on the Pom Pom to find it’s “waist” & tighten the wire as close to the center as you can.  The tighter the wire is on the Pom Pom, the “perkier” the legs will be!

NOW the fun part!  Cut the open side of the crepe paper on the spider’s legs to give them a fuzzy texture.  If you are fortunate & have fringing scissors, then have at it!  If, like me, you are stuck with plain ol’ scissors, turn up the tunes & start cutting!  Be sure not to cut all the way through the leg.
{Crafter’s Hint: Try cutting the crepe paper at two angles to make the fringe uneven. This gives the effect of more layers!}


I ended up adding Eyes to the little buggers because who could resist?!  Their eyes are made using Champagne and Black Tie colored crepe paper. {Fringe lashes optional.}

Cut 2 3” x 3” section of champagne crepe paper. Trim the edges to make them into round circles.
Then cut 1.5” x 1.5” sections of the black tie crepe paper. Trim the edges to make them into round circles.

Use some double sided tape to attach the black tie to the champagne, and then two small pieces of double sided tape on the back of the champagne to attach the eyes to the Pom Pom.
Voila!- you have made yourself some new friends to greet guests during the Lovely Halloween season!

All that is left is to string them up using our Black Tie & Tangerine Baker’s Twine… Adorable!

Shop unique styles in Halloween String Lights at Luna Bazaar!

Photographed by Maia Bissette and Kate Milliken
Edited by Maia Bissette

Vintage Style Easter Decorating Ideas!

When I was a kid, my parents went to great lengths to make Easter one of the most special holidays. They set up an egg hunt to lead us to our hidden Easter baskets. We would run around with glowing excitement, looking for the ‘golden egg’, aka the Easter egg that held twenty dollars.

Easter Basket with Vintage Indent Ornaments & matching ranunculus in our Gold Mercury Glass Vase.

 As the youngest, my brother and sister would always help me spot the more obvious eggs, but it was only later in life I was able to acquire this ‘golden egg’ before my older siblings.

Even today, as I’m about enter my 25th year and my brother, his 30th, this special spring tradition continues.  Of course, it’s more of a silly tradition but I’m very fond of the time that we get to spend as a family laughing about the infamous golden egg.  My desire to further our traditions and these memories inspired me to host a Welcome Spring/Easter Brunch for my family and friends.

Easter boasts a variety of pastel flowers and whimsical décor.  I’m seeking to create a special celebration that combines those whimsical pastels with unique vintage décor for my DIY Celebration.

I envision an apothecary jar candy bar, filled with an assortment of jelly beans, macaroons, and colored eggs. Assorted cake stands at different heights with chocolate rabbits from my local chocolatier, and delicious snacks. I also envision a mimosa bar with delightful pink paper straws to give the glasses some sparkle.

As for my plans for table décor: I’m dreaming of assorted milk glass vases filled with my favorite pink peonies on a burlap table runner, eyelet paper lanterns, and hanging paper pom poms to give the space some depth. I love utilizing paper lanterns for all kinds of décor ideas but especially at parties. The soft lighting creates the perfect ambiance for any gathering, and the best part about it is you can reutilize the paper lanterns in your home for fresh DIY decorating.

At all of my parties I set up a camera on a tripod and hang a 20’ by 20’ gold frame for festive photo ops! This is one of my favorite party decorating ideas as you can customize your party theme by the supplies you use! For my Easter brunch I’m utilizing two gorgeous pink pastel lace parasols — my niece and best friend will love these!  I’m also planning on making a fresh rose garland with fishing line as apart of the photo backdrop! As a party favor I’m filling up twenty favor bags with jelly belly beans. Yum!

We would love to see photos of your celebrations: be sure to #LunaBazaarDecor

With love from the Luna Bazaar Team: Wishing the world wonderful spring vibes, a happy Easter, and a joyous Passover!

Stay tuned for our photos to follow!

Styled, Photographed & Edited by Maia Bissette ~

Unique & Thoughtful Bridal Shower Themes

It may have been easy to say you would throw the bridal shower, but now you actually have to do it…

Photo by Michelle Warren Photography

Get started by identifying the theme you would like to focus on while taking the personality of the bride into consideration.  Is she a bohemian babe or a girly-girl?  Does she love fine food?  Choose your theme based on her interests, passions, personality, or draw from her cultural identity.  For example, you may want to pay homage to her (or her groom’s) cultural heritage.

If your bride-to-be is a logical lady who likes to keep things simple with a focus on celebrating her family & friends, you may want to take a conservative approach…
This pretty pink & green themed shower featured on Snippet & Ink was styled with preppy elegance.  With a focus on the floral arrangements, the food and the (gorgeous) environment, these Green Paper Lanterns hung with ribbon add a subtly festive touch without stealing the show.

Speaking of paper lanterns (our specialty, as you know), I just love this Asian inspired bridal shower showcased by The City Sisters.  It shows you how much of an impact you can make on an apartment with a few cleverly hung Paper Lanterns and Tissue Paper Pom Poms.  They also take advantage of our ever-popular (super affordable) Paper Hand Fans as fun & useful favors!  All of the little details are arranged with sweet & thoughtful care…

Photo by Natalie of The City Sisters

As I prepared for this post I came across some fantastic ideas & advice from a variety of wedding pros…

*Offbeat Bride is a great go-to source for courageous, inspirational fun~ I fell over heels for this fabulous ’50s housewife-themed bridal shower.

Photo by Susan Sabo Photography

*Munaluchi Bride shares a great way to take advantage of technology (no matter what your theme) so your Bride’s shower can include those too far away to make it.

*For my final inspirational link I encourage you to check out Brilliant Earth for some unexpected bridal shower ideas, including a Gourmet Tasting Soiree with a DIY chalkboard contact paper idea that would be great for birthdays & graduations, too!

Please let me know what ideas you’ve come up with and share your creativity below~ we’re always on the lookout for bold new ways to Decorate & Celebrate!

Halloween~ Folklore and Embellishment

Photo by Yulia Cosmos.

~Sales Team member Maia Bissette is at it again, this time her sights focused on making the most of fall’s famed holiday~

All Hallows Eve, more commonly known as Halloween, is creeping up on us.  There are many fun ways to celebrate Halloween, and for those who are
looking to express their appreciation for the supernatural ~ decoration
can be a real joy!   Take a look at our Seasonal Halloween page featured on Luna Bazaar.

As a child trick-or-treating in Vermont, one of my favorite experiences
was visiting the eccentric young man living in the Farm Estate down the
road from where I grew up.  He had a very old-time approach to sharing
the Holiday.  Dressed in a tuxedo with white gloves, he would invite
children and parents alike into his dining hall where an amazing
home-made spread of candied apples, caramel popcorn, beverages and baked
goods were laid out over a grand table under an antique chandelier.  
We were welcomed by the warm glow of tapered candles presented in elegant candlesticks, and the seasonal decor was subtle, tasteful and lovely; with a focus on the harvest.

Skull Lantern String Lights

If you are interested in creating such hospitality yourself, we have a wonderful selection of vases and candle holders for accenting your mantles, tables and windowsills with tea lights, tapered and and pillar candles.

Vases with twigs adorned by faux cobwebs makes a fun centerpiece, and
baby pumpkins and gourds look great with old photographs and matching flowers.

Orange luminaries lining your front path would be a sure way to guide friends and neighbors to your door.

Nylon Spooky Spiders Lantern String Lights

Bats & Cats Lantern String Lights
Skeleton Lantern String Lights
Jack O’ Lantern String Lights

Consider the application of our spooky new Halloween String Lights (pictured).  They would look boo-tiful strung along the crest of a mantle or hanging in an archway.  These designs are a unique new product worth a second look.

If you live in a neighborhood and are looking to lure in some adorable trick-or-treaters; fall colors of honeycomb decorations & paper lanterns accompanied by Halloween string lights would appear rather enticing strung above maniacally grinning pumpkins 😉

Fantastic porch Decor by Suzanne of Our Southern Nest.

If your abode is located off the beaten path, you might be interested in inviting friends and relatives for a costume party or haunted house.  Perhaps just a small, simple gathering~ just a little something to ensure that you can decorate and celebrate as well!

 For those of you looking to add a little DIY to your decorating, Luna Bazaar‘s inventory offers an excellent selection of goods for fabulous projects.

I have scoured the internet looking for examples of our inventory in action, and to my pleasant surprise came across some creations that will be sure to make the most of your Hallows Eve!

 Take a look at these great Paper Lantern projects from Martha Stewart and Country Living:

Take a peek at these playful pumpkin paper lanterns via
 Martha Stewart Living.

It’s not too late to make an impression on all those ghosts and ghouls
expected to make an appearance come Halloween~ whether they be of this
earth or from some other realm! 

if you’re planning on keeping your holiday intimate, Luna Bazaar has the
inventory to spice up your evening while you curl up in costume and watch horror movies after dark.  If you get scared you can light up your lanterns with some LED lights to keep a creepy ambiance and a watchful eye on the lookout for spooks and spirits who may be hovering close by.

Crafty crow lanterns via Country Living.  Photo by Jack Kernic.
~The History of All Hallows Eve~ A Brief Overview:
As with many modern Western holidays, Christian influence reinvented the
calendar of ancient customs.  All Saints Day once marked the most
significant festival of the Celtic Year, known as Samhain (pronounced
Sah-ween), which was celebrated on the date corresponding with November 1st.




For the Celtic people the profound significance of the annual event
recognized the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter.  During
this time of closure and transition the Celts believed that the ghosts of those
who had died would intermingle with the living as their journey to the
after-world commenced; aided by presence of otherworldly spirits such as Faerie
and other Supernatural Deities.

Despite efforts to abolish the traditions and perceptions of the ancient
Celtic New Years celebration; the beliefs and rituals live on in the traditions of Halloween
(formerly known as All Hallows Eve), which falls on the night before All Saints

~Post content compiled and written by Maia Bissette~

Wild & Crazy Paper Lanterns from Around the World

With the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival a little over a week away (Sept. 30, 2012),  paper lanterns are very much on the minds of the people of the Pacific Rim who are getting ready to celebrate. The lanterns they have in mind are probably not the ones you would have at your wedding! Their lanterns are not necessarily made of paper, and they would not necessarily fit in a reception hall. (For traditional wedding lanterns here’s a link to our paper lantern collection on Luna Bazaar.)

A recent article from Malaysia described paper lanterns adorned with “Angry Birds”. That made me curious to find out what other strange paper lanterns there are around the world. This is what I found out:

Soaring away: Zech Chan and his father Y.C. Chan
choosing an Angry Bird lantern
from among the traditional candle-lit
lanterns in Penang,Sept. 10, 2012.

In Asia there appear to be more lanterns for kids. Besides Angry Birds, cartoon characters like Snow White and Winnie-the-Pooh can be found on paper lanterns in the shops in Penang. These children’s lanterns are made to be carried at night during the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival. Parents there like lanterns  that are battery-operated. They’re safer than a candle-lit lantern, and will stay lit for a long period of time.

Winnie-the-Pooh and Snow White paper lanterns.

Unless you’ve been living on another planet, you’re aware that “Hello Kitty” has appeared on every toy, lunchbox, notepad, and article of clothing known to humankind. It should come as no surprise then, that a huge “Hello Kitty” lantern, decked out as royalty, occupies the highest place of honor outside this temple at a lantern festival in Singapore. Naturally she is accompanied by the royal Kitty Consort, Prince Kitty.

Her Royal Kittyness in Singapore.

Here’s an interesting one. Unfortunately, I am too old to know who these characters are.

Cartoon Paper Lantern from

This fascinating, sideways accordion lantern depicts Sailor Moon, the animé character. Even I know who she is!

Hangzhou Sunbeauty store in China.

If a paper lantern does not depict a well-known character or cartoon, you can always alter it so that it does! That’s what this lady decided to do. By wrapping a sparkly tinsel garland around a plain paper lantern and adding some cut-out paper facial features, she made her own Sesame Street “Elmo”.

from Aunt Peaches

(Note: I was just informed  by one of my co-workers that those those figures above, that I didn’t recognize, are from the world of Pokemon. I’m so embarrassed I didn’t know that!) 

Of course, some people just won’t be happy until they see lanterns as heads of animals. The beloved Panda as well as the Tiger, Fox, Elephant and Penguin can be recognized in the picture below.( One or two of them may be fish.) This remarkable find is from Scandinavia.

Little Cute Mokkasin

Human faces can also show up on lanterns. Here is a sky lantern, or wish lantern bearing the face of Santa Claus. For some reason sky lanterns are very popular in the U.K. If anyone out there knows why, please leave a message below. For safety reasons, Cultural Intrigue doesn’t sell sky lanterns.

Santa face and Union Jack Sky Lanterns
from Party Delights in the U.K.

In France sky lanterns are known as “lanternes Thailandaise”, or “lanternes celeste”. An important feature for them is that they are “écologique” and made “sans métal”.

“Lanternes Celestes” are popular in France too. These are from

You could think of this as a huge sky lantern, but actually, it’s a hot air balloon. I include it here, because it’s simply something that everyone should see:

Darth Vader hot air balloon. Fantastic!
Darth Does New Jersey, plus he has his own Facebook page with over 2,000 likes.

Let’s get into some more abstract variations on the lantern. Etsy, that great pool of DIY talent, is a source for many wildly imaginative paper lanterns. The one below was made by attaching strips of colored paper to a plain paper lantern.

Dramatic Paper Lantern covered with streamers. For sale on Etsy.

Back to the Far East. At the really big lantern festivals, you can find giant lantern sculptures that are hard to describe. This strange one looks like an aquatic life-form from another world. It was part of the huge lantern festival in Kaifeng, one of the seven ancient capitals of China.

Glowing plant shapes at the Lantern Festival in Kaifeng, China.

  And now for the largest lanterns in the world!I love these!

Lantern float at the Kaifeng Lantern Festival. This is one of the largest festivals in the world.
Although most of us have never heard of it, Kaifeng is a city of 5 million people
that has been around since 346 BC!

That brings us full circle back to Etsy, that hotbed of American creativity, where you can buy plain old, white paper lanterns transformed into “Hello Kitty” faces. 

Hand-made Hello Kitty paper lanterns as seen at Etsy shop shelbynbosch..

 There you have it. If you have seen crazy unusual paper lanterns in your wanderings, let me know. I’d love to see what you come up with. You can post it here any time. If you’re inspired by this post, visit the Luna Bazaar store and check out some of our more unusual designer paper lanterns, and see the latest must-have paper lantern fashion colors.

Décorez et Célébrez!

Dorothy & the Team at Luna Bazaar.

Bring in the Spring and Banish Winter with Bright Parasols!

I walked outside this morning and I was hit with the icy realization that winter has arrived! The change of season is here in full force. It may be bone chilling outside, but why not invite Spring in a bit early at your next party? Paper parasols in red and yellow send an unmistakable message of “Spring”!

I found inspiring Spring wake-up colors at Hostess With the Mostest. Her “Sunshine & Love Bridal Shower” party colors melt the winter freeze. I won’t begin to try to describe all of the DIY ideas in Jennifer Sbranti’s post – it is too choc full! You must see for yourself at Hostess With the Mostest. I’m just going to tell you about the parasol centerpiece she cleverly put together.

I had gotten a
request from one of our customers for an example of a parasol centerpiece and I
immediately fell in love with what Hostess with the Mostess did for this photo

Two vases glued together make a perfect base for this parasol centerpiece!

A 28″ paper parasol has the perfect handle size for holding the parasol overhead at indoor or outdoor weddings. However, it is not long enough to work as a table centerpiece. To get around this dilemma, Jennifer glued 2 vases together, one right-side-up, the other upside-down, and wrapped decorative paper around the middle.

Vase Gems can be purchased at most crafts stores.

To keep the parasol and vase from tipping over, our Hostess drops vase gems into the top vase.

The Spring color theme is continued above the table by hanging paper lanterns. Jennifer uses red and yellow lanterns with parallel ribbing, and a white eyelet lace lantern.

You can check out these colors at the Luna Bazaar store. No need to limit yourself – we have more than 60 exclusive designer colors!

A Spring Palette: basic red, orange, and yellow…
Plus our exclusive Luna Bazaar designer colors!
Begonia and Lemonade.
Eyelet paper lanterns are available in a variety of styles and colors.

So until Spring returns again, get a few of our paper parasols and lanterns in bright yellows and reds to liven things up! Set up your table and gather your friends together to
have dinner and drinks and forget the cold!

– Bethany

Guest Post from Pursewna

pur-sew-na: a person’s perceived personality as indicated by their choice of purse or handbag

This post was originally published by Amy Bruce of Jacksonville, FL on her blog Amy owns an Etsy store full of, not only purses, but wreathes, banners, stuffed animals, and personal accessories. What ties all of Amy’s creations together is her love of fabrics. At Luna Bazaar we couldn’t help but notice that almost all of Amy’s products are made of fabric, except for this paper lantern mobile! She’s come up with a clever way to suspend the lanterns, so we wanted to share it with you on the Luna Bazaar blog. Take it away, Amy!

Paper Lantern Mobile for a Baby Girl’s Room.

I saw this picture months ago and had thought about doing it for baby girl #2’s nursery.

love how whimsical and fun this is!  Isn’t it gorgeous?  I love the
color combination too – I’m a sucker for coral in any way shape or
form….  AND – it seemed fairly simple for me to figure out how to do
on my own – also a HUGE plus!
figured that I’d start with a grid to hang the lanterns and such from so
I purchased three dowels at Michael’s, sawed them in half and spray
painted them white.  I then laid them out in the grid pattern like this:
used yarn leftover from my wedding favors (yep – I’ve had that yarn for
5 years!) to wrap the dowels together.  From there I started hanging
the lanterns from the grid in my sewing room:
they are all tied but sitting on my table…. then I tried taking this
into the baby’s room and hanging.  Yeah – as you can guess, it didn’t
really work out well.  So I started again.  I cut all the yarn from the
lanterns so I once again had the bare grid and hung it from the ceiling.
 I used simple white eye hooks that I bought at Target – by holding the
grid up with one hand on the ceiling, I used my other hand to mark five
different spots with a pencil to know where to put the eye hooks.  (I’m
very scientific and exact about this whole thing, can you tell?)
grid hanging on the ceiling from the eye hooks.  I used yarn ‘loops’ to
attach the grid to the eye hooks…. from there I just started hanging
each lantern.  The lanterns came from both World Market (the largest
aqua/blue lantern that was on sale for $4) and from a great website
called Luna Bazaar.  I bought
five different sized lanterns/honeycombs from them and it was about $22
including shipping.  The smallest lanterns which are referred to as “no
frills lanterns” were only $0.95!  The white eyelet one was more like

pom pom was made using tissue paper I picked up at Target – probably
about $1.99 for the pack.  You too can make these simple pom pom’s using
this great Martha Stewart Tutorial

played around a lot with lengths and placement – I wanted to have it
look ‘thrown together’ but still symmetrical… if that makes any sense
at all.

The finished product!
paper stringed garland was made using a scallop punch, scrapbook paper I
already had and then they were all sewn together with white thread!  I
had them in one long string and was going to loop it but I ended up
hanging it in a couple places, cutting and re-stringing on the grid
What do you guys think?  This is one of my FAVORITE ‘pieces’ in the baby’s room.  

Thanks, Amy! Thanks, too, to your husband for working with you on the pictures. This outdoor shot shows what the grid of the mobile looks like from above:

This is my favorite picture of the ones you sent: I hope you don’t mind that I erased your arms! I think the free-floating paper lanterns in the sky look really great. Thanks to both of you.

Good luck with the new little occupant of your Newborn Room!