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Bohemian Dream Catcher DIY

When I was six years old my family spent the entire summer
traveling across country. I suppose you could say this is where my bohemian
spirit seeded. We started in Maine and ventured west, exploring national parks
and all that’s in between, (which, by the way, is an incredible amount).  My most favorite two weeks were spent in
Arizona on an Indian Reservation near the Grand Canyon.  We hiked the Grand Canyon, enjoyed the
organic rock water slides on the Colorado River, participated in the occasional
water balloon fight, chased jackrabbits in the petrified wood forest, and learned
so much along the way.  It truly was the trip of a
lifetime, but with all the stimulation that comes with traveling, I had been
having some pretty intense dreams for a six year old.

One of the days we were on the reservation we learned about
dream catchers, and I found them fascinating.  I wanted one of each color and size to fill my room, but because we were
traveling {and attempting to do so lightly} I had to choose one, smaller, dream
catcher to have as my own.  Instead of hanging this dreamcatcher on the wall above my head each night, I placed it on my sun-kissed
forehead before falling into sleep for the rest of that summer.  My mum and dad still laugh about it to this day.

With balmy nights approaching it couldn’t be a better time to revive my childlike wonderment and fill my bedroom with DIY bohemian dream

Before you start:

It is important to decorate your dream
catcher with sacred items.  For me, I wanted to showcase some of the seashells I’ve
collected during my travels.  I themed one of the dream catchers around coastal bohemian elegance.  I love the patterns and shapes of our doilies (especially the Phoebe designs), to add some boho vintage-style to the project.

Be sure to add feathers, as Indian traditions propose that good dreams will make their way through the web, and the feathers allow them to softly slide though the dream catcher.




1. Tie a head knot to where you want your dream catcher to
hang from and then macramé your quilting hoop.  I decided I wanted to spray paint one
of my hoops gold and add ribbon to another.  You could modpodge fabric, or tightly warp it with yarn.

2. Lay your doily in the center of the quilting hoop and then secure the horizontal sides first, being sure to stretch and secure tightly.  The best way to secure evenly is to divide by sections.  I opted for 9 & 3 then 12 & 6 and so forth (clock sections).  This way you can secure each side with even tension.  Don’t cut your twine after, let it dangle so you can attach your adornments. 

3. Once your doily web is bound evenly inside the hoop, start adding your adornments.  Braid ribbons and twine, add tassels, ornaments, feathers, shells, driftwood, beads, crystals, chimes, or anything of significance to you!  If you’re hoping for a little extra glamour in your dream-scapades, use Mod-Podge or another adhesive to glitter up your feather tips!

  • Hot glue proved to be incredibly helpful when working with fishing line and the beads. 
  • Don’t be afraid to over do it. You can always refine your choices. 
These Dream Catchers were made using hand crocheted Cotton Lace Doilies from Luna Bazaar.

Go Boho this Season with Full Moon Parties & Summer Solstice Celebrations!

With our Strawberry Moon Flash Sale in full swing {ends midnight Eastern Standard Time tonight!  See details below}, and our DIY Doily Dreamcatchers coming together, we are feeling oh-so boho…

The bohemian subculture unifies art, nature, rebellion and thrift with an elegance that will never go out of style.  Luna Bazaar’s collections, designs and vintage inspirations are guided by the hip style trends of the modern bohemian.  We recognize that beyond the boho chic wardrobe lies a free spirited lifestyle that desires celebration.

So, if you won’t be attending the Firefly Music Festival next weekend, what can be done to wrangle some joy and celebrate the first rays of the Summer Solstice on June 21st, boho style?  {If that’s too soon for your party planning needs, not to worry, there are THREE full moons this Summer, including the September Harvest Moon, providing the perfect excuse to party with your tribe}.

Paper Lanterns look lovely hanging from trees.

Midsummer Night’s Dream Party ~ Whether you’re young at heart and up for some debauchery, or hoping to host an adorable garden party for the kids {pretty broad scope, I know}, this theme inspires a Summer Solstice Celebration in the traditions of Shakespeare & Stone Henge.  Think faeries, flower crowns, lanterns in trees, hanging candle holders, mason jars & lots of fairy lights to create a magical ambiance.
For additional inspiration, check out these links:
Naturally Fun Parties for Kids via Sparrow Magazine
& a campus Summer Solstice Party via Creative Loafing Atlanta

Bohemian Summer Picnic ~ If your idea of a party is more of an intimate affair, a healthy summer picnic with family & friends is the perfect summer pasttime to enjoy the outdoors and fill your summer schedule with love, local food and live music.  Parasols, Hand Fans, Lanterns, Doilies & Throw Pillows will help the set the scene for bohemian style lounging, laughter and sun worship!  For those of you on the fringe of this cultural phenomenon, don’t be afraid to sprinkle a little free spirit into your summer this year.  We promise you won’t regret it.

Enjoy this Summer bohemian-style by embellishing picnics with parasols & décor from Luna Bazaar!

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