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Trendspotting at the New York Wedding Salon Show

This week saw the New York Wedding Salon Show at the Metropolitan Pavillion in the famous Manhattan gallery neighborhood of Chelsea. What caught my eye was this display from Pat Glenn Productions. Pat and Glenn are renowned for their spectacular event settings, from weddings to Bar Mitzvahs, and more.

Pat Glenn Productions at the New York Wedding Salon Show

This table setting is chock full of important trends! Let me point them out:

  • Color scheme: Green, multiple shades of purple, silver.
  • Overall Vintage look
  • Reflective surfaces
  • Depression Era Glass – the translucent green dinner plate would be right at home in a collection from the 1930’s!
  • Mercury Glass vases  holding small clusters of flowers – the Mercury Glass adds shine and mirrors the colors around it. The small bouquets distribute the flowers around the table, allowing each guest to enjoy them up close.
  • More Mercury Glass – candlestick holders, drinking cups, and centerpiece.
  • Vintage-inspired  colored glass – wine and water glasses with an antique look, embellished with etching.

 At Luna Bazaar we pay close attention to trends. We are either setting the trend or making sure our product selection reflects current trends. Our savvy team is on top of this! You can find all of the above trends in our store at

Color Scheme
Fashion Forward Color Scheme: Assorted shades of purple: lilac, plum and Bellflower, with a green accent: Lamb’s Ear.

These colors are so pleasing together! Inspired by the Hyacinths, Hydrangeas, and Irises  in the bouquets, they work so well for Spring. This season our in-house color designer added Bellflower and Lanb’s Ear to our palette of product colors. Use our paper lanterns to carry out your color scheme around your reception space. Parasols and hand fans are available in the same colors for a very put-together look. All can be found in “Shop by Color” on our website. Find Find Bellflower here, and Lamb’s Ear here.

Mercury Glass Vases
Mercury Glass Vases for Small Clusters of Flowers

You really feel like you’re at a special occasion when the table shines with these bud vases brimming with colorful blooms. Measuring from 4 to 6 inches in height, these vases give you an idea of the variety of choices available from Luna Bazaar. All of our silver mercury glass vases are also available in gold mercury glass.

Mercury Glass Candlesticks

Sleek or ornate, as a centerpiece or scattered around the table, our Mercury Glass candlesticks add a touch of opulence. They range in size from 7 to 7 1/2 inches tall.

Depression Era Glass
To evoke a feeling of family tradition include Depression Era inspired glass.

One of the features that makes Pat and Glenn’s table setting so striking is that it is drenched in color. Picture it in your mind’s eye with clear crystal stemware. Not doubt it would still be lovely, but cooler and less celebratory. Of course, nothing looks more elegant than clear crystal, white linens, and a touch of gold or silver. But the colored wine and water glasses in their display not only looks festive and elegant, but I’m sure guests will be reminded of getting out the “special glasses” to celebrate family occasions in the past. Our glass tea light holders and vases based on popular Depression Glass designs are not suitable for food consumption, but will add the nostalgic touch that will make your table complete.

Decorate & Celebrate!
from Dorothy and the team at Luna Bazaar.

Capiz Candle Holders – From Seaside to Tabletop

Capiz Candle Holders have been a favorite at Luna Bazaar for a long time. Why is that? Because they evoke an atmosphere of exotic, far-away places, and bring to mind sea, sand and palms. At the same time, the smooth sleekness of their iridescent surface is elegant and timeless. This makes them extremely versatile – usable in a wide variety of settings!

Now our new Silver-Edged Capiz Candle Holders join the gold-edged version in our product line-up. Silver is a lovely accent for cool colors, such as our Turquoise, Grass Green, and White.
With warm jewel tones like Purple, Red, and Mango, silver edging makes these colors pop.
You may be wondering, how does our new Silver-Edged Capiz compare with the popular Gold-Edged? In terms of price they are the same. However, we do have some candle holder shapes that are only available with a gold edge – the Cube design, and the Full Bloom. The timeless Lotus Flower Design is available in both.

Gold-Edged Capiz Candle Holders with White Gilded Fan from Cultural Intrigue
Photo: Deborah Dempsey
Great for weddings, events, and home decorating, the Capiz Candle Holder truly works best in a casual seaside setting. In the dream-inspiring tropical location below Fuchsia Capiz would  be perfectly at home, picking up the color of the blooms.
So where and what is this mysterious place called Capiz? It’s one of the islands of the Philippines, in the Pacific Ocean. The countries it is closest to are: Indonesia, VietName, and China. From the East Coast of the US it is literally on the other side of the world. It is described as calm and peaceful. So, if you REALLY want to get away from it all, Capiz is your place. Also, don’t go there is you don’t appreciate seafood, because it’s the Seafood Capital of the Philippines.
(I’ve always confused Capiz and Capri. They couldn’t be more different. The Isle of Capri is off the coast of Italy, and is crammed full of luxury villas and casinos. Now I know!)
The shell from which Capiz products are made is translucent and opalescent. It is cut by hand to make a wide variety of products, including our candle holders. Wind chimes, lampshades, and jewelry are also made from the Capiz shell.
Capiz Shell in its natural state.
If you’re planning a wedding with an exotic, tropical theme, you may want to add our silver-accented glass votive candle holders to the mix. The colors coordinate, and they can withstand the heat of a burning tea light, whereas Capiz candle holders are too delicate, and therefore require battery-operated tea lights.We also have hand-painted glass candle holders with hand-painted elephant and henna-like designs.
Go exotic with these silver-accented and hand-painted glass votive holders!
Writing to you from land-locked Vermont, this is the team at Luna Bazaar wishing Good Luck and Congratulations to all our brides and grooms. Our message to you is:

Decorate & Celebrate!