Decorate & Celebrate Spring 2013!

Photo by Gia Canali Photography

Following the 2013 Vernal Equinox, our yearning for Spring begins to
find relief.  Here at Luna Bazaar we are buzzing with excitement in
preparation for the beauty and joy that comes with Spring as our
customers plan all varieties of Celebrations including Birthdays,
Weddings, Baby Showers, Spring Break Parties & Cultural Holidays.  Here are some lovely Spring inspirations to rev up the Season~
Pictured left we see a fantastic and affordable wedding idea via Brides blog author Denise Penny Shepard.  By attaching escort cards to our Clear Glass Bottles & filling the vases with lovely dahlias, daisies & craspedias, this
bride created a three-in-one interactive wedding feature.  The vases
not only escorted guests to their tables, but upon arrival acted as
lovely decor & an exquisite wedding favor as well. 

Photo by Heavenly Blooms.

Pictured right are photos I pulled from a Heavenly Blooms feature: Whimsical & Vintage Chic Teddy Bear & Daisy Theme First Birthday Party.  Using this party idea wing template provided via the Martha Stewart website, you can adorn decorations such as paper lanterns and drink straws with brightly colored paper butterflies.  This look is a sweet way to sprinkle a little spring into any room or occasion.

One of the most effective ways to enjoy the
thaw (not to mention motivate for the Spring Cleaning) is to redecorate
your homes, studios and offices to reflect the growth & renewal of
this delightful time of year.  Some wonderful and affordable ways to
refresh your home without breaking the bank include introducing bud vases (one bouquet will accommodate a dozen pieces of glass), hanging Paper Lanterns, Pom-Poms and Garlands, or strategically placing Paper Parasols (which can later be used as sun protection during picnics, outdoor events & walks).

See This Seasons Must Have Colors on Luna Bazaar.  Photo by Maia Bissette & Luna Bazaar.

Let us rejoice the return of the sun!  May your Spring be filled with nectarous new beginnings!

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    thanks for share..


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