Paper Lanterns With Lights – The Options, and Then Some.

If you’ve been searching for paper lanterns for your wedding or big event, you know that there is no shortage of options. In this post I will shed some “light” on the matter. Hopefully, when you finish reading this post, you will know a lot more about paper lanterns with lights than you did when you started.
If you’ve been looking at paper lanterns like these:

Premium Paper Lanterns from Luna Bazaar

you probably know that they do not come supplied with lights. You need to buy some electrical cords with light sockets, or some battery-operated LED lights. You can buy both your paper lanterns and cords and LEDs at Luna Bazaar. The battery-operated LEDs have their own tiny light bulbs and a battery is supplied. The electrical cords do not come with light bulbs, so you need to buy them at any hardware store, grocery store, or anywhere regular light bulbs are sold. There is no need to get vanity bulbs, unless you particularly like the way they look.

But there are other types of paper lanterns with lights – string lights. They are small paper lanterns strung on a string of lights. The string of lights is the kind you would use to decorate your home for the holidays. Luna Bazaar has a wide variety of string lights in our collection. The standard paper ones are 4 inches in diameter.

Paper Lanterns with Lights already in place – string lights.

In addition to those, we have printed paper lantern string lights, and nylon string lights. The printed string lights come in beautiful designs – the Dahlia, Peony, and Cherry Blossom designs. The nylon string lights are shinier and more durable than the paper lantern string lights.

Nylon Lantern String Lights from Luna Bazaar

Go to our collection of Unique String Lights for a few surprises. Our string lights take on the shapes of roses, cylinders, stars, spheres, and pagodas, to name a few.

A variety of String Lights from Luna Bazaar:
Metal Lantern, Disco Ball,
Nylon Cherry Blossom, and White Rose.

We always encourage our customers to express themselves, and give their imaginations a good work-out. Do some exploring at Luna Bazaar and find out how creative you can be.

One thought on “Paper Lanterns With Lights – The Options, and Then Some.

  1. Anonymous September 12, 2012 at 3:16 pm Reply

    You cannot buy those light bulbs at any grocery store. I’ve checked at Meijer and Walmart and neither I nor the staff could find a light bulb that would fit.


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