Sparkling Candle Holders – Who Needs Diamonds?

Candle Holders in Clear Glass, Gilded Glass, Mercury Glass  and Milk Glass
I would. I would still need some diamonds even if my table were laid out with gleaming glass candle holders like the ones in the picture. But the reflective mercury glass and shining vintage glass candle holders from our collection serve as the perfect complement to any dangling diamond you might be wearing.
Perfect diamond earrings to be worn
in the candlelight.
These Bradford House Estate diamond drop earrings fit the bill.
Back to the candle holders. Pick up any one of them and it causes a chain-reaction of decorating inspiration! I love the ones designed for tea lights, that are made of heavy molded glass. My favorite one (at the moment) is the swirl design vintage glass candle holder. This one is only 2  1/4 inches high, but it has real heft when you pick it up.  It’s surprisingly heavy! 

See the complete Luna Bazaar collection of
Vintage Glass Candle Holders

It really does have a jewel-like quality. Other colors are available (red, chartreuse, purple, blood orange, turquoise) but you can create a wonderful look using only clear, silver, and gold, as in the picture at the top. This look is just right for a wintry, holiday setting. But the diamond-like quality of clear glass paired with silver and gold creates a level of elegance and sophistication that can’t be matched. Add some black and it brings to mind the kind of setting where you would find Coco Chanel.

Audrey Tatou as Coco Chanel
For our purposes, Audrey Tatou will substitute for Coco Chanel. 
One of the advantages of these candle holders is that they can be placed virtually anywhere. Using our flameless candles you get an effect that is very close to real flame, but without the danger. Our flameless tea lights last for 15+ hours. Imagine placing these swirl candle holders anywhere in the room where you want to catch the light – in a nook, on a high shelf, along a windowsill, or at each place setting. Your evening will sparkle.
Enjoy your evening of warm elegance.

2 thoughts on “Sparkling Candle Holders – Who Needs Diamonds?

  1. Anonymous August 23, 2011 at 9:56 pm Reply

    hi, i’m planning my wedding and i want to decorate the place with white lantern paper plus flowers, i’m from mexico and i want to know if luna bazaar ships to mexico city. Thanks


  2. Hello, Mexico City! We have good news for you. We have partnered with BonGo International to handle shipping for Luna Bazaar worldwide. Go to our website: see the BonGo logo in the lower left corner. Click on “International Shoppers” and follow the instructions. Thanks for placing your order with us, and good luck with your wedding!


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