Cool Pool Blue – A Color-Themed Poolside Party for the Weekend

Float from day into evening with a refreshing blue cocktail in hand. Set the stage with blue accessories, add friends, swim and enjoy the candlelight.

First, the essentials.

Crochet Cover-up and Hat from Nordstrom. Paisley Gauze Cover-up also from Nordstrom.
The barest sandals, and the biggest bags! J Crew one-piece swimsuit to match your Blue Hawaii.
Tommy Bahama covers your sun hat requirement. Two-tone ribbon. 
Paul Frank sunglasses. Chalcedony jewelry by Anna Beck
If you’ve ever seen this logo:  you’ve seen a Paul Frank product. He gives his products whimsical and original names like “Lovers in the Springtime” (sunglasses), and “Hold My Hand as We Ascend” (prescription glasses). The ones shown above are “I Will Possess Your Heart”. The man is brilliant. Paul Frank.
The designs of Anna Beck are inspired by the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Islands: Bali, Timor, Lombok, Gili, and Java. Her pieces must be seen to be believed. Anna Beck Designs 
I’m warning you; go to her website and you will entirely miss the pool party! 

Now you are ready to START MIXING

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