Sea Glass Inspiration

 New to our lines of vintage glass vases, candle holders, and votives are these large, 

Glass Hurricane Candle Holders
Arriving Today
(Monday, July 25)


Inspired by Sea Glass colors, this vase will be available in Ice Blue, Chartreuse Green, and Clear. The large size is 10″ tall and can be used as a centerpiece holding flowers, or as a candle holder. (We sell Flameless Tea Lights and Pillar Candles HERE.) The smaller size is 7.5″ tall. 

 There is something so refreshing about sea glass colors. The most common colors are white, brown, and green. But it’s the pale aqua blue and sea foam green that come to mind when we think of sea glass. These are not the most common colors, but they are found more often than colors such as bright purple, deep red, black and orange. Try to think of any glass object you may have seen in these colors, and you will realize why sea glass collectors treasure them so dearly. 

A Sampling from the Sea Glass Palette

 From Top: Turquoise and Chartreuse wire lanterns from Luna Bazaar, Hydrangea, Sea Glass Blue Lamp, from the Demeter Fragrance Library, a perfume that reproduces the scent of the Ocean. Turquoise, hand block-printed cotton pillow cover from Cultural Intrigue. Sea glass bracelet fragment. 
Sea Glass Mobile with driftwood, assortment of glass bottles and candle holders from Cultural Intrigue, Sea glass pendant, “Chairs Having a Conversation”, Queen Anne’s Lace by the sea.

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